How to resolve failed to open session lockfile issue of C Panel?

If you are getting this issue wih CPanel:

failed to open session lockfile: FILE=/var/cpanel/sessions/raw/:Up5nKwLkFgQF_Ke_yEsgb_w9gMl2FzDSPpHdrus6DAOcD30Xt1tEgWy41BwsSQC5.lock, No such file or directory at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 261.

df -i  : to check the usage of inode space.

if it showing 100% used then

cd /var/spool

rm -rf exim :  to delete the exim file

Issue will resolved


How to install KVM in linux?

Refer below link for kvm installation–

For kvm installation the most important thing is to setup correct partitioning scheme which is describe below–


Always select the custom layout for creating partition



Delete all existing data on the hard disk.


After deletion the windows will look like this.


Select the standard partition


Select the / partition of 80-100gb as mention in the kvm installation link


swap partition of 4gb


And most important is to create partition for lvm, click on lvm physical volume


Click on “Fill upto maximum allowable size” which will use for vps space


After this your partition will look like this20150106_160848

Click write changes to disk to install Centos20150106_160923

Click on next


Select minimal Desktop or Desktop(You can also select minimal in case of low disk space)




After installation create volume group on lvm partition(physical volume )and give it any name.

For pvcreate use the following command

pvcreate partition name e.g pvcreate /dev/sdb2

Physical volume "/dev/sdb2" successfully created

to check physical volume name rum command “pvdisplay”

Once you create the physical volume, you can create the volume group (VG) from these physical volumes (PV).

vgcreate  vg_name  pv_name     e.g. vgcreate  vg_group  /dev/sdb2

  Volume  group "vg_group" successfully created

to check vg created name  run command “vgdisplay”

./ [email protected] kernel=kvm lvg=VOLUME_GROUP_NAME

you should give lvg = vg name created by you

Also make sure that visualization should be enabled in BIOS


How to configure domain in hmail server


Click add domain option


Enter your domain name


goto account section


add your email usernmae for your domain as [email protected]



goto SMTP setting click on delivery of email and in the local hostname box write  your mail server name as–and save.

Note: Make sure that there is no other application using smtp port 25 else you will not able to send email.

How to install hmail server?

About hmail:

hmail server is an opensource mail server used for windows server.

Reason for most popularity of this server is:–

  1. Opensource
  2. No licence  fee
  3. Unlimited domain configuration
  4. Unlimited email user account
  5. Easy to use


Download hmail application from below link

Refer below link for installation




How to create FTP account on cpanel?

To create an FTP account:

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. In the Files section, click FTP Accounts.
  3. In the Login field, type the name of the FTP user. A full FTP user name will always be formatted as [email protected]. You cannot create an FTP account without your domain name in it, regardless of the publish destination.
  4. In the Password fields, enter a password which will be used to authenticate this FTP account.
  5. Set a quota for the FTP account. Quota is the maximum amount of bandwidth the FTP user may use. If you leave the quota as unlimited, the FTP user will have the ability to use the total amount of bandwidth for the cPanel account.
  6. In the Directory field, cPanel will auto-populate an assumed directory based on the FTP username, but that is normally incorrect. So, we recommend erasing everything after public_html/ and providing the directory you would like the user to access.
    • If you erase everything and type a single “/”, the user will have access to your home directory (anything outside of the public_html folder).After that check with filezilla FTP

      1. Hostname
      If it showing disconnected error then please stop the firewall(IPtables) service  by using:

      /etc/init.d/iptables status ->to check
      /etc/init.d/iptables stop -> to stop

webmail from Cpanel

How to access webmail from Cpanel to send mail from perticular mail id?

login to c panel>search>type list>list account>click on cp>go to Email Account>search the required mail id>once u found>next to mail id there is more option go there and start webmailS