How to move website to new host by using cpanel?

Step1: Login to your cPanel


Step 2: Click on the “File Manager”


Step 3: It will prompt with a pop-up menu ask for directory.


Step 4: Just go to your website files are stored and check the “Web Root” and press “Go.”


Step 5: “Show Hidden Files” box is checked


Step 6: then click on compress (selesct zip option) to cmpress the file.


Step 7: Once Copmpress done then click on download option


step 8: After that go to backup wizard and selest your database to take backup of database


Step 9: Go to new Cpanel Interface


Step 10 : go to Backup Wizard


Step 11 : Just click on restore option


Step 12: Click on MsSQLDatabase


Step 13: Choose the database compress file and upload it

And  for more information


Please see the below mentioned video to move the website to new host with cpanel:

How to install wordpress on Cpanel?


WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool . It is very popular blogging system in use on the web. It is a software which used to create web site.

Installtion Steps:

Step1:Login to cpanel


Step2:Got to Software/Services and click to quickinstall


Step3:just below of Blog Software there is WordPress, Just click on WordPress


Step4:then Click on continue to install wordpress


Step5:After that it will ask for your daefault domain details so you have to put it mannually eg:


Step6:After that fill the required information which it ask: Admin Email, Blog Title, First Name, Last Name and all

Step7:and then it installed finally you will see a “Congratulations” Message.

For more information Please see this video to install wordpress on Cpanel:

How to upload website using cpanel?


Cpanel is the web based control panel which run on Linux operating sytem. It provide graphical interface and designed tool which simplify the process of hosting website.


Step1: Login to your cPanel


Step 2: Click on the “File Manager”


Step 3: It will prompt with a pop-up menu ask for directory.


Step 4: Just go to your website files are stored and check the “Web Root” and press “Go.”


Step 5: “Show Hidden Files” box is checked if you need to work with the php.ini or the .htaccess files.


Step6: Click on Upload Icon


Step7 : Click on browse and select your data which you want upload on cpanel


Please see below mentioned video for more information

Kindly see the Video to upload the websites:


How to install Agenti control panel on ubuntu?


Agenti is an open source linux web based control panel. It has graphical interface like webmin. Due to graphical interface very easy to use.
Installation steps:

Step 1: sudo su

Step 2: apt-get update     –>to download the latest package file

step 3: wget -O- | apt-key add –
To download the key

Step 4: echo “deb main main ubuntu” >> /etc/apt/sources.list     —> to add repository to source list
Step 5: apt-get update && apt-get install ajenti -y       —>To update and install the ajenti package

Step 6: Service ajenti restart        —-> to restart ajenti service

Step 7: Go to URL         —-> https://ip:8000

The default username is root and password is admin.

The Features And Benefits Of Using Dedicated Servers

Unlike the saying “eyes are the window to the soul”, websites are the window to your organization. Strad Solutions provides you the best dedicated server India.

The first way to create an impression is to introduce the client to your website. In today’s era, it is highly necessary for the company to have its own website. It globalizes your company/ organization, and gets you a wide platform for your services. Now if you have one of the best websites, then it is equally important to choose the dedicated server hosting. It is a well known dedicated server where the customer leases a complete web hosting server to host websites of his organization. It completely is the single hardware that the hosting provider rents as per your requirements. Let’s check out the advantages of the web hosting servers.

Control Over the Hosting

One of the best use is that it gives the company complete control over the dedicated server. Because when the server is shared, it does not allow them the access to certain features. But when you have the complete control, it allows for wider flexibility over your business.


It also makes the server very reliable, secure, powerful and stable. The dedicated server does not allows you to share its bandwidth with others. This gives your website the complete right to have access to the resources it requires.

Confirmed Security

Unlike the VPS that is shared between more clients, the dedicated server gives you the greater level of security. All the operating system related issues are resolved by dedicated server hosting provider. If you combine it with regular updates and security patches, it will give you strong protection.

Saves Money

In this type of hosting, the web server provides the web infrastructure, care and maintenance of the dedicated server. So that makes you to pay only for the server usage. It saves your amount that you would have invested on the maintenance of the server.


Get The Additional Space

When you have the dedicated web server, it becomes easier to get extra and much space. You do not have to rely on other web server for more space.

 So now you see, why the web servers are important when you have either have a new website or the new business. It makes the server more reliable and gives you the greater performance. If your website has greater traffic, it will eventually help to maintain the speed. It is completely worth the investment, because the comfort that it provides to you. Websites having more amounts of video bandwidths and high resolution graphics can very well handle the faster speed.

Benefits of VPS Hosting for your Business

The VPS web hosting is the most recently used web hosting by various business dignitaries to make their business expand across horizons. In India, VPS server hosting has gained rapid popularity in the recent years. Many businesses nowadays use the VPS server hosting because they have more of the control over their environment than the shared hosting.


There are many in India also, who are not aware of the technological knowhow. For such people, the VPS web server hosting is of the great advantage. It is fabricated to work in accordance to its own disc space, operating system and bandwidth. A good VPS server hosting will ensure a greater speed of the internet that will be best for your business. Moreover, such a hosting will allow you to run different operating systems on just one machine. Here are entailed different benefits that the VPS hosting will offer to your business in one way or other.


  • Money Saver

One of the most important characteristic of the VPS hosting is the multi tenancy. Under this, you can establish a software design on one of your real machine and thereby you can use it on the other virtual machines as well. This saves your cost of establishment largely.


  • Rapid Disaster Recovery

The loss of data is one of the most important threats that is perceived by many of the businesses. But with the use of VPS server hosting, it becomes easy to support and restart in other modes also. Thus, a better disaster recovery is ensured with the use of VPS server hosting.


  • Efficient Root Access

There is an efficient root access facility available with the VPS server hosting. You can have key accessibility and there are no variations when it comes to the performance. Root access is helpful as the access can be taken from any of the virtual machines as well.


  • Proficient Scalability

Depending on the business needs, VPS hosting can be scaled up efficiently. One of the effective features is that it allows addition of resources on the fly and that too without any restoration time.

Therefore, various advantages that your business will incur if you use the VPS hosting for your business. So try using the VPS web server hosting for your business and yourself experience the changes and effectively that occur in your business after using the VPS hosting.

How to change port for remote desktop?

RDP known as Remote Desktop Protocol which is developed by MICROSOFT.
This service is provide to connect another computer over a network connection.
The RDP service by default listen TCP port “3389”

Follow the steps to change the RDP port:
1. Go to “RUN”

2. Type “regedit” —>>to enter into registry

3. Click on the follwing registry subkey:


4. click on “Modify” and then click on “Decimal”

5. Type the new port number and save it.

6. Quit the registry

7. Restart all RDP services or restart the computer

How to change root password using single user mode in ubuntu?

Single USer Mode:
Single user mode is also known as Runlevel-1 in unix operating system.
Single user mode is used in situation when user cannot login into the system.
We can change the root password by using single user mode in unix/linux.
Follow the steps to change the root password by using single user mode or runlevel-1:

Step1: start your system and press”Shift” key continuously, once grub loader come then

Step2: select first line (i.e Ubuntu,with Linux 3.2-generic-pae)

Step3: Press ‘e’ to edit the grub

Step4: go to “linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.2………….. ro quite splash $vt_handoff”

Step5: Replace “ro quite splash $vt_handoff” with “rw init=/bin/bash”

Step6: After that press “cltl-x” to boot with single user mode

Step7: you will get prompt of single user mode.

Step8: type command
#password root
it will ask for new password

Step9: After that sync and reboot the system

#init 6

How to solve Remote desktop encryption error?

First Change the securit layer of RDP-TCP Session


go to

1.Start>>administrativr tool>>remote desktop services>>remote desktop sessionhost configuration

2. Just see at right panel here is connetions:

right click on connection name and click on properties.

3. In properties>>select General

and change it based on your security requirement

4. Click on Default
Once it completed
1. Open registry go to run and type

2. Once it opened go to


just click on parameter and see there at left side some value

3. Under the registry subkey,
delete the blow mentioned value if it is present

X509 Certificate
X509 Certificate ID

4. After that restart the server