How to install wordpress on Cpanel?

Wordpress: Wordpress is a free and open source blogging tool . It is very popular blogging system in use on the web. It is a software which used to create web site. Installtion Steps: Step1:Login to cpanel   Step2:Got to Software/Services and click to quickinstall   Step3:just below of Blog Software there is Wordpress, Just [...]

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How to upload website using cpanel?

Cpanel: Cpanel is the web based control panel which run on Linux operating sytem. It provide graphical interface and designed tool which simplify the process of hosting website. Steps: Step1: Login to your cPanel   Step 2: Click on the "File Manager"   Step 3: It will prompt with a pop-up menu ask for directory. [...]

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How to install Agenti control panel on ubuntu?

Introduction: Agenti is an open source linux web based control panel. It has graphical interface like webmin. Due to graphical interface very easy to use. Installation steps: Step 1: sudo su Step 2: apt-get update     -->to download the latest package file step 3: wget -O- | apt-key add - To download the [...]

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Benefits of VPS Hosting for your Business

The VPS web hosting is the most recently used web hosting by various business dignitaries to make their business expand across horizons. In India, VPS server hosting has gained rapid popularity in the recent years. Many businesses nowadays use the VPS server hosting because they have more of the control over their environment than the [...]

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How to change port for remote desktop?

RDP known as Remote Desktop Protocol which is developed by MICROSOFT. This service is provide to connect another computer over a network connection. The RDP service by default listen TCP port "3389" Follow the steps to change the RDP port: Steps: 1. Go to "RUN" 2. Type "regedit" --->>to enter into registry 3. Click on [...]

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How to solve Remote desktop encryption error?

First Change the securit layer of RDP-TCP Session steps: go to 1.Start>>administrativr tool>>remote desktop services>>remote desktop sessionhost configuration 2. Just see at right panel here is connetions: right click on connection name and click on properties. 3. In properties>>select General and change it based on your security requirement 4. Click on Default Once it completed [...]

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