Forex VPS

Virtualization plays an important role in many areas of business and Information technology and now it has become very important in forex trading. VPS means Virtual Private Server and Forex stands for foreign exchange.

A VPS is a virtual machine which makes use of a software installed on your computer and it functions in a same manner as a separate physical computer. Multiple virtual servers can be housed on the same physical computer. A virtual server runs its own operating system and can run independently of other servers on the same machine.the user can reboot the virtual server anytime and has full control over the system. The user is allotted a certain amount of space, data transfer allowance and Random Access Memory. The virtual private server has its own power supply and it offers various features such as flexibility, stability, convenience, multitasking and technical support.

In a foreign exchange where live online trading is done in stock markets it is usually risky to use shared hosting service which can crash any time leaving the user at high risk of financial loss. Even if the users personal computer crashes due to any reason in the middle of trading, he may experience huge losses. The best way to save from this loss is to apply for a forex VPS hosting service.

Forex VPS is a service which allows the forex traders to use the virtual environment on the hosting company’s server and run their trading terminals continuously without any downtime. The forex VPS always remains online, runs continuously and is not affected by the power outages. The forex VPS is meant for only those traders who usually trade heavily in the forex markets. These traders may be individuals or investment companies. The trading and financial applications and softwares used by them often require more stability and faster connectivity than any other type of application. Forex trading needs the trading terminal to be running 24 hours without downtime.

Forex VPS hosting in India and other countries is affordable for small business as well as individual users.

Here are the benefits of Forex VPS hosting:

  1. Forex VPS hosting does not depend on factors such as internet connection or the   machine crashing.
  1. Forex VPS hosting servers are powerful machines that do not need to be rebooted again and again.
  2. Forex VPS offers a user the flexibility to work from home and access the server from   any place in the world.
  1. Forex VPS offers the user to run multiple trading platforms at the same time.
  2. Forex VPS has a technical team to solve the issues of congestion proactively.
  3. Forex VPS keeps their users online 24/7 despite of reboots of the local personal   computers or disconnections from the internet.
  1. Forex VPS enables the setting up of multiple accounts on the same VPS, and delegating user   access to allow multiple people to view the desktop simultaneously, from different   locations.
  1. The users can access their trading platform from different devices like desktop, laptop,   phone or tablet.

Windows Vs Linux Hosting

There are two types of platforms for web hosting. One is Windows VPS hosting and the other is Linux VPS hosting platform. Both come with specific benefits, but most businesses prefer a Linux web server over Windows. Both the platforms have their own set of Pros and Cons.

Linux is one of the mostly used operating systems for web hosting because of its ease of installation and cost effectiveness. Both are similar in some ways but there are a lot of differences between them. Linux has been considered to be the most reliable, stable and efficient system due to which it is most commonly used.

However if your website need a particular programming language due to the developers you work with, you should check the system compatibility before getting a hosting service.

If you use PHP, Perl or MySQL, then Linux is the best for you. If you use or Microsoft specific applications then you should prefer Windows based web server..

Following are the advantages of using Linux based web server compared to Windows based web server :

Stability: Linux based operating systems are believed to be more stable than Windows. The websites running on a Linux based server have very high uptime as compared to Windows.

Affordable cost: The Linux operating system can pe purchased at a very low cost as compared to windows. Also there are some free application softwares which comes with Linux. These server applications (such as FTP, Web Server, DNS Server, File Server etc.) are free and also very stable.

Easy to move between hosts : A website designed to be hosted on a Linux based web server can also be hosted easily on a Windows web server, where as the website designed to be hosted on a Windows web server cannot be hosted on a Linux based web server.

Scripts and Extensions: Almost all types of scripts or extensions are supported by the Linux web server.

Security: The Linux web server system provides you with free security measures like antivirus and anti malware programs. Linux is supposed to be more secure than Windows.

Scalability: A web site designed for compatibility with a Linux/Unix based web server meets the scalability requirement easily without making any site wide design changes.

Case Sensitivity: Another difference is case sensitivity. The file and directory names are case sensitive in Linux but not in Windows. So if you name a file ContactUs.html, and another page in the same directory as contactus.html, you actually will have two completely different pages.

On the other side, Linux based web server is not fully compatible with Microsoft technologies. If you are using any specialized applications or VB for development of your website, it is preferable to host with a Windows based web server.

Why websites Use Linux

When an individual or organization makes a new website then they need to upload their website over the world wide web. You need a web hosting service to upload your website on the web. The web hosting company provides you with server space and connectivity.

 There are two types of hosting platforms available. One is Linux and the other is windows based hosting. Both have different set of benefits and disadvantages. Most people prefer Linux over Windows. Here we are giving some of the benefits due to which websites prefer Linux over windows :

Linux is cost effective

The cost of any service is important for business. Linux is an open source low cost hosting service which is the reason that more and more people use Linux hosting. Further the Linux based applications like Apache, MySQL and PHP are free without any license fee.


Linux is compatible with other operating systems. If your website is made in windows you will have no problem in using a Linux hosting service.

Stability and Performance

Linux is more stable than windows as it can perform and handle multiple tasks simultaneously better than windows. Linux users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to increase the productivity and performance of their websites. Moreover the procedure of uploading and setting up of a Linux web server is very simple and easy to do task.


Linux gives you the flexibility to use any of the softwares which comes with it free of cost. You can install only those components which you want to use rather than the whole package.

Easy installation

Linux is very easy to install and user friendly. You have to just follow the instructions and there is no need to call a professional to install it.

Improvement and Modification:

As Linux is an open source platform its easy for web developers to modify and improve it. The users can install different programming softwares to enhance its task abilities and performance.

Security and Reliability:

As nowadays security is a major issue for businesses. The Linux web server system provides you with free security measures like antivirus and anti malware programs. Linux is supposed to be more secure than Windows.

Linux hosting servers provide you with excellent features allowing you to handle high traffic in a cost-effective way. That’s why the most websites and major search engines like Google also use linux hosting.


Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

In todays world of technology and business competition, organizations have to make a lot of decisions. One of them is to choose a web hosting service for their business. While selecting a web hosting service you need to choose very carefully.

Most of the individuals and small companies use shared hosting which is a low cost option. In shared hosting you share the server and the services with other companies each having its own Internet domain name, from a single web server. In this type of hosting many websites are on the same server and each user has limits on the availed services like monthly traffic, disk space, email accounts and databases. The other resources like MySQL, Apache server, Random Access Memory and CPU are also shared by multiple users. As the resources and services are shared so the costs are also shared by multiple users, which is the reason for low cost.

Another type of hosting is Dedicated hosting which is used by the high traffic running websites and who prefer bandwidth, speed and consistent performance. Unlike shared hosting the performance is not affected by high traffic or usage by other customers. In this type of hosting the server computer is placed in the premises of the web hosting company and the user or client company uses the services like bandwidth, memory, storage space and database management.

Advantages of shared hosting:

  1. This hosting is less expensive hence affordable by most of the users.
  2. It is convenient to use as highly skilled team manage this service.
  3. Customization of website is easy to do in this hosting.
  4. This hosting provides you sufficient space and bandwidth. With more space you can add many resources in your website.

Disadvantages of shared hosting:

  1. The resources are limited to use.
  2. There are many restrictions on the service.
  3. The performance of your website can fall anytime.

Advantages of Dedicated hosting:

  1. The server is dedicated to single client company. The client can avail and buy the features only which they need.
  2. Dedicated server provides stability to ensure that your website is functional at all
  3. Unlike shared hosting where you face congestion due to high traffic and usage of other websites, dedicated server protects you from the server congestion issues.
  4. The web hosting company provides you with security measures such as antivirus and        firewall configurations.
  5. Some web hosting companies provides the support services which ensures that the site disruption is kept to a minimum.

Disadvantages of Dedicated hosting:

  1. Dedicated hosting services are very expensive.
  2. Its not possible for every individual to afford.
  3. It requires high skills to manage.

Linux Dedicated Hosting

Whenever we think of web hosting good performance and affordable price is our top priority. It is not easy to find a high performance hosting service with multiple features at an affordable price. Dedicated servers are the best for web hosting if you run a high traffic website and prefer bandwidth, speed and consistent performance. Dedicated hosting is very expensive for individuals and small businesses.

Linux is one of the leading server operating systems and play a significant role in managing the web hosting services for many e-commerce websites. Linux also has some advantages over the Windows dedicated servers.

Affordable Cost

Linux dedicated server technology is an open source technology which can be used by many businesses. As an open source it can be updated by web programmers which cannot be done in other servers. Linux dedicated server can be availed at an affordable cost as the set up cost is very low and it offers free operating system. Linux also provides free applications to integrate with it. Therefore Linux hosting can be used by businesses who want a quality hosting service at low cost.


As nowadays security is a major issue for businesses Linux is the most reliable platform for hosting as it is one of the early platforms which hosts websites from the early ages of internet. Linux dedicated servers comes with security features such as anti spy-ware, anti mal-ware and firewall protection. Due to these security features Linux servers do not crash easily and users can use them without any worries.

Flexibility and compatibility

Linux offers lot of flexibility to a company. As the Linux platform is easy to modify and update it is easy to host multimedia, e-commerce applications and blogging websites. Moreover Linux is compatible to use with other operating systems. Linux can be easily used for the websites made for Windows and other operating systems.


You can add more servers with the Linux dedicated server due to the scalability of the system. A dedicated Linux server is the perfect for those who use scripting in languages.

Speed and performance

Linux can perform and handle multiple tasks simultaneously better than windows. Moreover the procedure of uploading and setting up of a Linux web server is very simple and easy to do task.

 Linux dedicated servers provide superior features allowing you to handle high traffic in a cost-effective way. Linux dedicated server provides you with stability, security and reliability at affordable costs.


Improve Your Hosting Experience with VPS

Everyone who runs a website whether an individual or organization needs a hosting service. There are various hosting services available to fulfill the needs of individuals and organizations. Most of the people use shared hosting to have an online presence because of it’s basic features and low cost. Another type of hosting is VPS hosting which is a bit expensive than shared hosting but offers more benefits and features than shared hosting.

In shared hosting you share the resources of the server with other user’s websites. There are many other users on the same server and they use the same resources with you. You share the speed and bandwidth with others. Further, if there are some large websites on the same server they will use a major portion of the bandwidth and you may experience downtime with your website.

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server which you share the same resources as in shared hosting but in a different way. In VPS hosting a virtual part of the actual server is assigned to you. There are many websites on the same server but each user is assigned a specific set of resources. The resources assigned to you cannot be used by other users. So you can utilize the resources fully for which you pay the money. VPS hosting is a little expensive but it has lot of advantages over shared hosting some of which are mentioned as:

Performance and reliability

VPS hosting provides you a particular bandwidth along with a fix RAM and CPU usage which other users cannot use. Therefore you get the high speed and optimal performance. Your website never experience a downtime.


In VPS hosting a virtual part of the actual server is assigned to you. So you have the flexibility to configure and reboot your operating system anytime. What other users do with their resources will not affect your system’s performance.

Dedicated Mail Server

VPS hosting assigns you with a dedicated mail server having an IP address. This saves you from the spam mails and other user’s spam activities.

Privacy and Security

The other user’s cannot access your files or data as you don’t share the operating system with others.

Cost effectiveness

VPS hosting offers a number of benefits of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the dedicated hosting cost.

How to optimize your VPS

Virtual private server plays an important role in the performance of your website. If your website is slow in speed and performance then its time to optimize your VPS. Optimizing the VPS is known as VPS hosting. The default settings for all your applications are not appropriate for the smooth performance of your website. So it’s important to identify the services consuming most of the resources and change their settings to attain the required performance. Here are a few tips on how to improve the site response and reduce loads.

  1. Apache settings: If your Apache in not configured correctly it can reduce the speed and performance of your server. Configuring your Apache settings correctly leads to better speed and performance of your website. Settings such as KeepAlive, MaxClients and StartServers can be configured for better performance.
  1. Update your My SQL: Updating your MySQL is also important in optimizing your VPS. You need to update your version of MySQL in order to achieve the peak performance and reduce response times. Check for the latest version of MySQL and replace your older version with it.
  1. Caching your content: You can also cache your content to speed up the processes and reduce latency. In caching data to RAM the frequently accessed data is stored temporarily which helps in reducing the access time and improving the speed. Some of the caching softwares are Varnish, Memcached and Squid.
  1. Content optimization: You can optimize your the content on your website for better speed and performance. You may use some of the free online tools which can analyze your website and provide you with speed and performance metrics. They also point out the places in your site and on your server that needs to be optimized.
  1. Consider a CDN: CDN is a Content Delivery Network which helps you deliver content to the user at fast speed. It reduces the space between your end users and server by storing the static content on nodes all over the web. Leading websites like Netflix, Youtube and Pandora are using CDN’s for better streaming and delivering of media to their users.

If you take care of the above mentioned points you will definitely achieve the necessary speed and performance of your server. Configuring your Apache, MySQL and caching your content correctly will definitely improve the performance of your server and the experience of your users.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

In todays era of technology where most of the organization whether big or small have their own website. Some websites attract a huge traffic whereas other have very less. The increasing traffic on websites have some negative impact on their performance and speed.

The reduced performance and speed also results in low rankings in major search engines. So the organizations apply various techniques such as changing the settings, using a CDN, caching and optimizing the content to improve the performance, speed and SEO ranking of their websites.

A dedicated server refers to rented use of a computer in the premises of a web hosting company which consists of a web server, a software and an internet connection. When you buy a dedicated server you lease a server box that is configured according to your preferences by the web hosting company. The web hosting company provides dedicated server to the client company. The client company can remotely access and operate the dedicated server. Using the dedicated server in the premises of web hosting company saves router, internet connection, security system and network administration costs.

A dedicated server is reserved for only for the client company. No other customer or company can access it or share its services. The client company has exclusive rights to their server’s bandwidth, memory and storage space.

Who should use a dedicated server?

Dedicated server is useful for companies who run very high traffic websites or applications and who prefer bandwidth, speed and consistent performance. The performance is not affected by the traffic or usage of other customers as seen in the normal hosting plans. A dedicated server can be used for different purposes such as gaming servers, database management and websites who run high traffic.

Benefits of dedicated server

  1. The server is dedicated to single client company. The client can avail and buy the features only which they need.
  2. Dedicated server provides stability to ensure that your website is functional at all
  3. Unlike shared hosting where you face congestion due to high traffic and usage of other websites, dedicated server protects you from the server congestion issues.
  4. The web hosting company provides you with security measures such as antivirus and firewall configurations.
  5. Some web hosting companies provides the support services which ensures that the site disruption is kept to a minimum.

Apart form all the benefits you should inquire and get ensured that the web hosting is providing all the services required by your company.

Why use VPS Hosting

Every individual and business who runs a website needs a hosting service to run it on the world wide web. There are various web hosting solutions available which are different for small and big businesses. Most of the individuals and small businesses prefer shared hosting when they make their first website because of its low cost. In shared hosting you share a powerful server with other people’s websites. Now because you share a small portion of a big server you can use only limited resources and features. Moreover if there are some large websites on the same server, they will swallow most of the resources leaving your website slowdown most of the times. Security is another issue in shared hosting as you are using the same resources which are used by other websites on your server. If you are using a shared hosting and your site runs usually slow then its time to upgrade to a better hosting service.

VPS hosting is a service which is expensive as compared to shared hosting but offer a lot of resources and features which are not offered in shared hosting. VPS means virtual private server which puts your website on the same server with other websites but in a different way. The server is partitioned into several partitions and one of them is allotted to you. Your website is hosted on a partition and the resources are assigned according to your hosting plan. The resources assigned to you cannot be used by any others. So if there are some websites on the same server which are large in size, even then your website will not be affected as the resources allotted to each website are different.

There is another type of hosting known as dedicated hosting which is better than both the shared hosting and VPS hosting but it is expensive than both of them. It costs about hundreds of dollar per month.

Now making a decision about which hosting service to use, depends the type of website you are going to make. There is a lot of price difference between shared and VPS hosting. If your website is not for business or earning money, then shared hosting is the best option and it will provide everything you need. If you have made a website for business purpose and earning money but cannot afford Dedicated hosting, then VPS hosting is the best option for you. VPS hosting offers you a lot of benefits like high speed, flexibility and customization.

Here are some of the advantages of VPS hosting service over shared hosting:

  1. The bandwidth and disk space allotted to you cannot be used by others.
  2. You can create accounts and set permissions.
  3. You can install, uninstall and debug softwares for your website.
  4. You website is more secured as each VPS is isolated and separate from other virtual private servers on the same physical server.
  5. VPS provides technical support for your website but you don’t need to maintain the physical server.

Improve Hosting with Server Colocation

Colocation refers to housing your servers and devices in a professional data center in order to access advanced infrastructure, greater bandwidth, lower latency, constant security and additional advantages. A colocation data center provides the building, cooling equipment, bandwidth, power, and physical security to the  ustomer’s servers and storage.

These datacenters have very large facilities yet they consume a minimal amount of power. They offer colocation services to the client companies and are configured to allow secure client access to private servers. They provide server cabinets and cages,connecting to the internet service providers network, physical infrastructure and also monitor server status. The cabinets and cages are locked with security systems and are inaccessible to other clients.

Various organizations use colocation services to obtain business continuity, scalability and minimal network latency at a fraction of the cost it takes to accomplish the same things in a private datacenter. Yet at the same time the organization can maintain complete control over the physical server, the operating system and the applications.

Here are some of the benefits of server colocation:

Cost effective:

The biggest advantage is the low cost of colocation services. The facilities provided by the colocation data centers are too expensive if the clients purchase them on their own. Colocation centers provide higher bandwidth speeds at nominal costs.

Environmental control

The colocation centers controls the internal environment such as the appropriate temparature, cooling and humidity which is not possible for the clients to maintain at their own premises.


The client company owns the server machinery. If at any time equipment is required to upgrade, one can easily upgrade the server without relying on the service provider.


Some colocation datacenters offers the clients to manage and maintain their servers and equipment at an extra cost. This is very useful for the clients who don’t have a technical team or they have their office too far from the colocation center.

Fire control

The colocation datacenters provides the fire control systems which protects the clients equipment from any such condition.

Power Supply

It provides complete power backups by using the power generators and uninterrupted power supplies thereby reducing the risk of data loss or downtimes.


It gives the client large capacity of bandwidth and better redundancy for network connections. It also provide technical services such as central data storage, backups, and firewall protection at reasonable costs.

Physical security

Security of the equipment is the major issue if you place your server at some other location. The colocation centers provides with physical security such as fingerprint and password entry and video monitoring for surveillance. Despite of all these advantages the colocation datacenters are not available everywhere. I  you don’t live in a large city or a major IT habitat or if your office is located in a semi urban area it is difficult to find a colocation center near you. Moreover the colocation services are more expensive than basic web hosting and the physical access to your server is difficult.