Forex VPS

Virtualization plays an important role in many areas of business and Information technology and now it has become very important in forex trading. VPS means Virtual Private Server and Forex stands for foreign exchange. A VPS is a virtual machine which makes use of a software installed on your computer and it functions in a [...]

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Windows Vs Linux Hosting

There are two types of platforms for web hosting. One is Windows VPS hosting and the other is Linux VPS hosting platform. Both come with specific benefits, but most businesses prefer a Linux web server over Windows. Both the platforms have their own set of Pros and Cons. Linux is one of the mostly used [...]

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Why websites Use Linux

When an individual or organization makes a new website then they need to upload their website over the world wide web. You need a web hosting service to upload your website on the web. The web hosting company provides you with server space and connectivity.  There are two types of hosting platforms available. One is [...]

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Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

In todays world of technology and business competition, organizations have to make a lot of decisions. One of them is to choose a web hosting service for their business. While selecting a web hosting service you need to choose very carefully. Most of the individuals and small companies use shared hosting which is a low [...]

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Linux Dedicated Hosting

Whenever we think of web hosting good performance and affordable price is our top priority. It is not easy to find a high performance hosting service with multiple features at an affordable price. Dedicated servers are the best for web hosting if you run a high traffic website and prefer bandwidth, speed and consistent performance. [...]

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Improve Your Hosting Experience with VPS

Everyone who runs a website whether an individual or organization needs a hosting service. There are various hosting services available to fulfill the needs of individuals and organizations. Most of the people use shared hosting to have an online presence because of it’s basic features and low cost. Another type of hosting is VPS hosting [...]

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How to optimize your VPS

Virtual private server plays an important role in the performance of your website. If your website is slow in speed and performance then its time to optimize your VPS. Optimizing the VPS is known as VPS hosting. The default settings for all your applications are not appropriate for the smooth performance of your website. So [...]

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Benefits of a Dedicated Server

In todays era of technology where most of the organization whether big or small have their own website. Some websites attract a huge traffic whereas other have very less. The increasing traffic on websites have some negative impact on their performance and speed. The reduced performance and speed also results in low rankings in major [...]

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Why use VPS Hosting

Every individual and business who runs a website needs a hosting service to run it on the world wide web. There are various web hosting solutions available which are different for small and big businesses. Most of the individuals and small businesses prefer shared hosting when they make their first website because of its low [...]

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Improve Hosting with Server Colocation

Colocation refers to housing your servers and devices in a professional data center in order to access advanced infrastructure, greater bandwidth, lower latency, constant security and additional advantages. A colocation data center provides the building, cooling equipment, bandwidth, power, and physical security to the  ustomer’s servers and storage. These datacenters have very large facilities yet they consume a minimal [...]

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