Cloud hosting vs Dedicated hosting

Cloud hosting is a hosting service in which the client is provided with a virtual server and the resources needed to maintain the website are divided across multiple web servers. This reduces the risk of any downtime due to problems in the working of the server. You do not face any downtime issues as the [...]

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How to Determine the Right Web Hosting Server

When it comes to choose the right web hosting server, then something that is needed to choose appropriate server is the right decision. Moreover, there are some of the eminent points of considerations that need to be looked after to determine the right web hosting server: Essential to Know the Hosting Needs One can never [...]

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Key Features of VPS Hosting for your Business

The VPS web hosting is the most recently used web hosting by various business dignitaries to make their business expand across horizons. In India, VPS server hosting has gained rapid popularity in the recent years. Many businesses nowadays use the VPS server hosting because they have more of the control over their environment than the [...]

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How Dedicated Server Stands Ahead From VPS

Dedicated server is a hosting server for your website which a complete server is available for your own use. In todays era of technology the content goes viral which makes previous unknown websites gain attention. Some of the websites like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed have gained popularity because of their excellent and sharable content. Most [...]

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