Why You Need a Dedicated Server Hosting for Your E-Commerce Website?

For any of the e-commerce website, it is essential that before he starts his e-commerce website, there is a server. E-commerce involves transactions to be done on a regular basis, so there is a need that dedicated servers must be there that can allow for effective hosting. The numerous advantages that a dedicated server hosting provides for your E-Commerce website and the reasons why it is needed for your e-commerce website are enlisted here

  • Ample Storage Space

There is a need for dedicated server hosting because it is the need of an hour for your expanding e-commerce business. With dedicated server hosting, you can share huge amount of data transfer and also a strong CPU with generous supply of RAM. Also, the ample storage space gives an opportunity for your e-commerce website to expand the business without operations being disrupted.

  • Improvised Security

A dedicated server can give your e-commerce website an optimum level of security, which will give you more control over your e-commerce website or business. With the help of these managed servers, there can be high level of performance and capacity to store information also. As there is a wide range of information that is to be entered and submitted in an e-commerce website, thereby the need is that ultimate protection must be done. This is needed definitely because security is a primary concern for most of the e-commerce website users. 

  • Smooth Network Connection

A dedicated server can give you an effective network connection without the interference of any outsider. As you hold an e-commerce website, there is a very fact that a large number of traffic will be entitled towards your website. For this efficient server uptime is necessary so that the traffic can well be tracked. A dedicated server offers 99.9% of a server up time and thereby it is one of the best options that can be used for the e-commerce websites.

  • Cost Effective

As an e-commerce website owner, you need to access many websites at a single place to keep consumer interaction up in place and form also. This will allow you to consume server resources even if the website traffic increases or decreases. Thereby the need for dedicated server is essential other than the shared or any other server because it is more cost effective as compared to any other.

Thereby, these are some of the reasons that account for the need of a dedicated server for your e-commerce website. It can well be concluded that a dedicated server is one of the best available platforms that can maintain the website traffic or that is best option for any of the e-commerce websites also.

Advantages of Virtual Private Servers for SMBS

One of the major part of having a successful start for your new business is that you develop a strong web presence. But to accomplish this motive, you need to have a supreme quality website that attract your target audience towards yourself. You need to find a perfect web hosting provide for you to ensure that the servers are well managed.Virtual private servers are vital for your small businesses in lieu of effective server management. Some of the advantages that you can incur by using virtual private servers for SMBS include:


  • Improvised Security

You must agree that system’s security is top most priority in your SMBS, as whole of the working is dependent on them only. With the help of a virtual private server, you can manage the individual servers in your business in an intelligent and efficient manner. Also, the main server can thereby be linked with fixed number of servers. This will comply for improvised security for our virtual servers.

  • Flexible Dealing With Heavy Traffic

If number of servers in your small business increases, then the problems can also occur in regard to speed of the website and also the space used. Thereby there is a need of various dedicated servers to manage it. But with the help of virtual private servers, there is no need of having a number of virtual servers, instead it can alone manage the server efficiently.

  • Cost Effective Solution

Virtual private servers are much less expensive now than they were earlier. This is the reason that it is one of the most sort after hosting solution by the small businesses. So whatever size your small business’s site may be, virtual private servers is the best cost effective solution for your business.

  • Efficient Stability and Reliability

As the need for today’s small business is piling on thousands of customers on the same web server, you also must need the same for your business. With the help of virtual private servers, you can make hosting of your small businesses even more reliable.

  • Enhanced Control

One of the most effective advantage of hosting on a VPS is that you can have complete root access to your business environment. So if you need any kind of custom software to be installed in your business website, then you will be able to do it without the need to wait for the hosting provider to support it.

Thereby, with the help of virtual private servers, you can have an effective hosting done for your SMBS, which will allow you to focus more on your effective business growth rather than the server management in your organization.

Role Of Colocation Server To Your Website

Colocation is basically a process that allows you to purchase our own hardware and software while getting the site setup online. It will allow you to place multiple sources into a single location to run your site. As having a website is necessary same is the need for having a colocation server for your website. It will allow you to place the server machine in someone else’s rack and share their bandwidth as your own also. One of the biggest advantage that colocation server can provide to your website is that you get complete access to the web host server, which helps in optimum analysis of your website. To get a more broader view of how can you benefit from the use of colocation servers, here are some of the significant roles that it plays:


  • Own Setup

One of the major roles that colocation server makes to your website is that you can yourself set up and configure the web servers. Thereby you can place it in the data facilities and achieve a considerable amount of speed, efficiency and stability.

  • Optimum Security

Colocation server plays a vital role in your website as it allows for providing security to your web host server, copy generation components and also tracking of the system round the clock.

  • Own Server Software and Machinery

The role of colocation server to your website is that you are allowed to own your server machinery, with which upgradation of software in your website is possible at any point of time. Thereby you need not have to wait for the wait for the provider to come around and upgrade it. Moreover, it also allows to own the server software. You need not have to rely on the hosting provider to install the tools that are needed to be used.

  • Allows to Keep the Server Up

With colocation server for your website, you can leave the server up and running all the time. When you host your own domains, then either you have to pay for two lines or deal with the outages. But with colocation servers for you website, ou can hold up your own domains well.

  • Protective Shield from the Hackers

lang=”en-US”>With colocation server for your website, you have a protective shield from the hackers as your website will remain protective from any kinds of hacks that may occur.

Thereby, it can well be stated that colocation servers has a pivotal role to play in our website as it provides numerous advantages to you to protect and perfectly manage your website in one or the other way. So you can opt for colocation server for your website and get going with great functioning.