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Dedicated Server Hosting vs. Colocation Web Hosting

The main difference between implementing dedicated server hosting and colocation web hosting lies in the needs of the clients. For example, clients who choose dedicated server hosting need to lease an entire server that is housed at an off-site data center, which is solely dedicated for their personal use without having to share such facility with anyone. On the other hand, clients who choose colocation web hosting opt to lease a cabinet or a rack inside a very secure off-site data center where they can house the hardware of their server, sharing this facility and services with other subscribers.

Both of these server facilities are on lease, but dedicated server hosting allows a client to have the entire data center to himself while colocation server hosting shares the data center with different subscribers. Also, with colocation services, the client owns the hardware, thus giving them total control in choosing the type of hardware and operating system to use. With dedicated hosting, however, it is the service vendor who owns and chooses the hardware, which means that there is a need to pay for any machine upgrade.

Cheap Dedicated Server Advantages

dedicated server

If you decide to go for cheap dedicated server, there are some advantages that you can expect. For one, there is an assurance of high-quality server performance since you do not have to share the resources of the system such as disk space, processor power, as well as memory with other subscribers who are also using the same facility.

Since the entire system is dedicated, there is no risk of experiencing crashes, slowing down or swamping caused by another site. At the same time, you do not have to worry about other people being able to access your files because you are the only one who has the right to do so. All custom configurations of the server are customized according to your specific needs. You can even take advantage of a custom firewall so as to enhance access control policy.

Server Colocation in Mumbai

On the other hand, there are also some benefits that you can get should you decide to go with server colocation in Mumbai. It gives you relative freedom, being able to experience higher bandwidth and higher speed. You can also decide on the hardware and software of your machines, plus the opportunity to install any application and software. You have complete control on the addition, removal and change of the system files as well.

Bottom Line

Both dedicated server hosting and colocation web hosting comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and there is no exact answer to the question as to which one is the best. However, if you think that your project is somewhat budget sensitive, you can choose a dedicated server. On the other hand, if resources are not a problem, then colocation is a great option.

Dedicated or VPS Server Hosting – Which is The Best Hosting Option?

Determining what is preferable between IndiaVPS server and dedicated server India when considering a hosting option is really one that boils down to your level of operations, computing power required and safety features that is preferred. Beyond these, other vital talking points include:


Dedicated server India gives you complete control over physical servers and their entire resources while India virtual private servers only makes you control a virtual machine on a server with probable interconnected virtualized machines. That there are other connected users to the server is not considered a security risk

With VPS hosting, other virtual machines share the same CPU with you although your storage and RAM remains exclusive to you as have been provided by the hosting organization.

With Dedicated Server India hosting, you are able to command more hosting resources and computing speed since you enjoy the services exclusively. This is one excellent feature to consider.

As much as dedicated hosting option sounds preferable, most company and personal websites require far less than what they offer, so it might look rather as an over-optimal option. With IndiaVPS server, you can gradually build up capacity; flexibly optimize resources and direct savings to other competing areas.

Control Options

On the score of control or customization options, there are little or no differences between Dedicated Server India vs. IndiaVPS server. The outlook will be primarily if the operating system is run on virtual hardware or on a physical hardware. When a customer considers both, with OS administrative access guaranteed on both score, the results will be the same.

In some instances, there are only service limitations on VPS accounts to restrict the number of domains that can be hosted and these are non-technical in nature. Comparatively, both hosting options give the customer the power of control with respect to the server environment. So, on both options, a customer has access effectively to the same software features if the capacity exists to explore them.

Most features that can be accessed with hosting plans are:

  • Broad Blogging Tools
  • Overall Content Management Systems
  • Optional e-commerce Packages
  • Control Panel -centered Administration
  • Range of 1-Click Installers
  • Development Tools and Functionalities
  • Automated Backups and other options
  • SSL Certificates

Acquisition Cost

The most significant difference between dedicated server India vs. India VPS server is the cost implication per annum or annually. Dedicated server is rated as exponentially costly and can be as much as 50 times more than VPS hosting.

Core Benefits of VPS Hosting over Dedicated Hosting

The core benefits of VPS hosting that makes it a star attraction is one that many people take interest in as they consider their hosting options. Having an option to the best dedicated server opportunities is viewed by many as a credible leeway to manage cost and optimize scarce resources.

Here are some core benefits that should interest you:

Acquisition Cost

When people look at the merits of the Best Dedicated Server hosting alongside its acquisition cost, it gives room for some scrutiny. VPS hosting can be as 50 times cheaper than dedicated server options and except you have the proven need for the expanded resources, using VPS hosting is a great option in terms of cost savings.

Realism and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Best dedicated server hosting gives you access and unhindered control over your servers in the physical sense. But this does not impact on the quality of your website, except you are looking at pace of processing. VPS hosting from reputable providers can give you accelerated processing if you secure the bandwidth that is commensurate with you website access.


Since most operators who need hosting services have small to micro sized transactions count, deploying VPS hosting optimizes their operations and cost. As their size of operations expands, they are able to scale up the infrastructure required for website functionality, instead of holding on to dedicated servers with excess capacity that can’t be utilized.

Maintenance and Technical Requirements

When a firm has best dedicated server facilities, it has to make room to have the hardware accommodated, maintained and kept running. With VPS hosting, no maintenance, space or personnel is required for hardware. Access to the OS console is guaranteed and with a little technical orientation, some bit of customization can be explored, when desired.

VPS hosting gives you access to software features that dedicated servers also present to subscribers, with the difference lying in creation of multiple domains. Since most VPS users adopt the buy-as-you-need mechanism, this effect means little or nothing to them. With access to server guaranteed, alongside back-up features, which are mostly automated, the risk element is minimized.

Moreover, if the server is attacked with VPS hosting, you do not need to assemble experts or incur additional cost to get it back up, as the service provider will have this aspect all covered.

Irrespective of the best dedicated server India experience or hosting plan you purchase, you will have access to these basic:

  • Ready-to-go Blogging Tools
  • Inbuilt Content Management Systems
  • Range of e-commerce Packages
  • Control Panel Access
  • A couple of 1-Click Installers
  • Automated Backups
  • SSL Certificates
  • Development Tools


Why Forex VPS Hosting is Critical to your Enterprise

For your website to go live and be accessible online, there is a need to choose a host. In this case, one of the options that can be taken into account is VPS hosting, or hosting in a Virtual Private Server. It is a cost effective option and combines the benefits that are delivered by shared and dedicated hosting. Aside from affordability, it offers a wealth of other benefits, such as privacy, customization, control, and dedicated resources. Keep on reading and learn more about some of the reasons why Forex VPS India will prove to be critical in ways more than one for your enterprise.

If you are operating in the market for foreign exchange, you are most probably aware of the importance of having an intuitive platform where trading activities can be performed. It has an intensive requirement for hosting to ensure reliability. With Forex VPS India, it is possible to offer customers with a user-friendly and dependable platform that can be used for trade.


Among other things, Forex VPS India is critical for your business because of its speed. In trading, speed is the name of the game. Therefore, for trading applications to be optimized, there is a need for a hosting solution that is also optimized in terms of speed, and such is where VPS enters the picture. With a fast website, you are not only optimizing trading activities, but you are essentially offering a better user experience.


Another reason why your enterprise should consider Forex VPS India is the fact that it can guarantee more reliable uptime compared to what is being promised by other options for hosting. With a better uptime, this means that your website will never be down, or the possibility of such from happening will be very minimal. This can provide traders with the confidence that they will have access to the site round-the-clock.


Forex trading will require robust security system, especially because of the money that is involved. With such, to attract more traders and to provide them with the guarantee that your site is going to provide them with a safe trading platform, Forex VPS India should be taken into consideration. They are checked regularly to ensure that there are no security threats, which will also provide you with the guarantee that it will be up and running all the time.

Green Hosting

A lot may be unfamiliar with what exactly green hosting is. Simply put, in the case of traditional dedicated server hosting, consumption of power is more compared to what you would consume with Forex VPS India. You will have a large server that is divided among users, which is the reason why it is an option that is more eco-friendly.