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The Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting

Planning to create your own website? The first thing you need to decide is what type of web hosting to use. Whether you are a seasoned online marketer or just a beginner who needs to set up his own website for his online business or for variety of reasons, getting the right web host is one of the vital step in creating a secured, stable and quality website. To help you determine which web hosting solution is best for your requirements, below is few of the rundown of different web hosting types to help with your decision making:

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, your website gets its own domain name is hosted in a powerful server along with other website under one hardware. Most shared hosting services often provide multiple software solutions such as database, email, customization and different editing options. Shared hosting is best suited for business and personal sites with average traffic. It also uses different platforms such as Linux and Windows. However, the reliability of shared hosting is one of the biggest downside of this web hosting as your site performance can be greatly affected by other website sharing on the same server. Furthermore, the database and software support of shared hosting is restricted, and it only has a limited ability to handle spikes and/or high traffic levels. Obviously, when you are sharing resources, you may not get the same features and flexibility as what other private web hosting might offers.

Dedicated Web hosting

Same as what the name implies, you’ll get a full access to the web server in dedicated web hosting since it is not shared with any other users, thus, giving you more autonomy, security and privacy for your website. The efficacy of dedicated web hosting allows for faster performance, therefore making it a perfect choice for those websites with high traffic or lots of visitors. It also includes full root and admin access just like Virtual Private Server India unlike shared hosting where database and support is only limited. Logging in to a dedicated server is as simple as logging in to your personal computer. And once logged in, users can perform configuration and installation any way they want. Some of its excellent features includes: Powerful database support, multiple domain names, unlimited software and application support, full administrative control and effective email solutions.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

Recommended for both advanced and new website owner, VPS provides the same quality features as dedicated servers. In general sense, VPS hosting divides servers into multiple virtual servers, whereby each portal works like dedicated servers where you can take full control of your website. Furthermore VPS hosting is a lot cheaper as compared to dedicated hosting, hence, making it a great choice for those individuals who do not want to invest in expensive web hosting solutions. Though shared with other users, VPS hosting secured your site by isolating it from other sites in the same hosting server. VPS also provide a good administrative tool and excellent root access to your own virtual space.

By comparing the guidelines above, it would be easier for you to look for the right web hosting solution to build a successful site.

Main Features of Windows VPS Hosting

Compared to dedicated VPS servers, windows VPS hosting is one of the most popular choice of many enterprises and corporate individuals as it is much more cost effective and reliable unlike dedicated VPS which only provides less features. In dedicated server, a physical server node is being split to multiple virtual server, therefore distributing its cost evenly among users, while Windows VPS Hosting gets greater functions as a complete dedicated server.

Windows VPS Hosting has created a strong popularity as it is compatible to many software and programs, hence, it serves varied purposes for different requirements of your business. This type of VPS hosting is a virtualized server that mimics dedicated server within a shared environment, but offers greater feature in setting up web space, hence, making it easier for one to host a website online because all you need to do is to upload your site files (no server and setup needed) and you’re ready to go!

A Windows VPS Hosting solution can provide significant advantages for those who are using a .Net, ASP scripts and Microsoft exchange, whilst, allowing full root access which allows webmasters to have more control in terms of their site administration. Although Linux servers is cheaper than Windows VPS, but Linus set up isn’t suitable for everyone as it is not 100% secured compared to Windows servers which can back up both .Net and ASP. Other than the compatibility, Windows VPS Hosting also offers high level of security and can be independently rebooted.


Privacy – Windows VPS Hosting, unlike shared hosting servers, provides excellent security for your files and data. When particular site or account in inflicted under the hosting environment, hackers and other unauthorized intruders can possibly cause harm to the server, hence, causing danger to the security of your files and important data. Since you do not share your OS to anyone else under the VPS hosting environment, there are no other websites on the server that could potentially access your site and use it for fraud and other illegal activity, hence, saving you from possible data loses.

Highly Customizable – With Windows VPS Hosting, you can expertly have your own instances of server applications such as PHP, Apache and MySQL. You can also close ports with the use of its IPT able features, wherein you’ll have your own IP address, gain Root Access and enjoy the freedom to reboot your own VPS whenever you want. Webmasters can also customize diverse functions, such as your domain, database, panels and so much more, thus giving you the ease to customize everything at hand. If you need to make changes in your VPS, you can promptly make changes to suit the server to your specific needs.

Scalable – Windows VPS Hosting is highly scalable. So whether you require a small allocation to run simple email server, or needed a webserver with enough space to support extensive database application, you can easily do this easily without any hassle.

With the efficacy and feature-rich advantage of Windows VPS Hosting, there are so many reasons for one to take advantage of this excellent VPS hosting.

Is Linux Or Windows VPS Hosting Right For You?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a new great hosting option that is available for the website developers and owners nowadays. There are 2 primary choices available in VPSs today: Linus VPS and Window VPS. Both two options are extensively used because of the fact that they both offer good and useful features. However, they still have their own advantages and disadvantages and depending on your unique business requirements you can possible choose one that will suit you needs perfectly well. Linux VPS hosting India is a free open source system while the Windows VPS hosting is a well-known commercialized operating system. Both of them provide different benefits so you’ll need to compare these two available options before to decide to select one. Here are some ideas to know which VPS hosting is right for you:

  • Always keep your business/company requirements in mind – The type of VPS hosting that you need to select will primarily depend on your specific business needs and requirements. Your website must be capable of handling the different types of visitors. The Linux VPS hosting India would be a suitable choice if don’t have any specific requirements for you website, especially if you only have a minimum budget. Since Windows OS is used by many users nowadays, a Windows VPS hosting would be able to serve any kinds of users that are using the Windows OS. However, Linux is offering good levels of performances and is seen less expensive than the Windows, which made it a great choice.


  • Ease to Use and Reliability – If you’re not knowledgeable enough in terms of administering your website, you need to choose Window for you VPS hosting account as it provides great reliability and east to use for the beginners. When using Linux VPS hosting India, you would need to have a little knowledge about the text commands related to it. However, when considering reliability, Linux is offering better reliability as compared to Windows. In addition to that, Windows is not capable of offering 100% uptime, while with Linux, you’ll never be troubled with reliability. Because of the fact that Linux is an open source, you’ll be able to make some modifications in any way you like in order for you to handle the software of your choice, programs along with the higher loads in Linux VPS hosting India.


  • Selecting the suitable option – ultimately, the decision will greatly depend on your personal preferences and needs. Windows is offering Access Support, Microsoft SQL and many other amazing utilities but you need to pay additional amount for it. If budget is one of our primary concerns, Linux would be the perfect choice for you because it offers power and great features without needing to pay too much to use it. You’ll also need to spend time on listing out necessary features that you want to be present on your site before you make you decision. With the use of VPSs, especially with Linux VPS hosting India, you would anyways get great features and cost saving. By doing a little research you would be able to choose the perfect type of VPS suited for your business needs.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

When it comes to associating a cost-benefit analysis of the hosting servers with third party vs. maintaining you own servers, you need to understand that the benefits primarily lie in scalability, reliability, support, and security. Leaving IT to the hands of experts can save you lots of money and time which are much better spent to grow your business. Here are the benefits of dedicated server in India:

  1. Security – the quality data centers invest time and capital to undergo the audits and ensure their logical network security, employee training, physical security, and company-wide procedures and policies to meet the national standards. The older standard that is originally used for the financial reporting, Statement on Auditing Standard (SAS 70), is now replaced with Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE 16) and SOC 3/SOC 2 report in order to indicate the excellence of data center.
    The managed hosting in India provides timely updates in software in order to ensure that the serves are completely protected against the newly developed malware and viruses. The Offsite backup in dedicated server in India is a very crucial service that can save any business in the event of unexpected disasters by storing the important data and vital applications available and safe.
  1. Expert Support – An entire team of responsive, certified and experienced staff can provide you 24/7 physical data center monitoring and server monitoring in order to stay aware of any kinds of issues.
    While the business may not be prepared to invest for an IT team, the managed dedicated service provides high level professional support, saving your money and time that can be better spend to more important things. Cutting down on training and hiring staffs through dedicated server in India can seriously help you in streamline of your business operations and your company bottom line.
  1. Reliable – When IT is not your main industry focus, it can be a very substantial burden when trying to manage/handle your own services. The worries about the up-time can only slow the growth of your business and will totally become a great distraction.
    A dedicate service can provide you a high quality infrastructure for data center in order to ensure that your services are always up and smoothly running. Since the data centers are the place where they run their business, they can provide you uninterruptible network and power connection without any point of failure. Why not take these advantages at dedicated server in India?
  1. Scalable – Dealing with the outages at the time your business is outgrowing the service or product demands can really be a pain. The managed dedicated hosting server has extra available space in order to support your business expansion needs.
    With the professional support of well-experienced staffs, you can deploy new servers flawlessly with complete expert support. Other added services can make the takes such as monitoring and updating your bandwidth, CPU usage and disk space as easy as longing in a portal and sending hosting requests in dedicated server in India.