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How to change port for remote desktop?

RDP known as Remote Desktop Protocol which is developed by MICROSOFT.
This service is provide to connect another computer over a network connection.
The RDP service by default listen TCP port “3389”

Follow the steps to change the RDP port:
1. Go to “RUN”

2. Type “regedit” —>>to enter into registry

3. Click on the follwing registry subkey:


4. click on “Modify” and then click on “Decimal”

5. Type the new port number and save it.

6. Quit the registry

7. Restart all RDP services or restart the computer

How to solve Remote desktop encryption error?

First Change the securit layer of RDP-TCP Session


go to

1.Start>>administrativr tool>>remote desktop services>>remote desktop sessionhost configuration

2. Just see at right panel here is connetions:

right click on connection name and click on properties.

3. In properties>>select General

and change it based on your security requirement

4. Click on Default
Once it completed
1. Open registry go to run and type

2. Once it opened go to


just click on parameter and see there at left side some value

3. Under the registry subkey,
delete the blow mentioned value if it is present

X509 Certificate
X509 Certificate ID

4. After that restart the server


Click add domain option


Enter your domain name


goto account section


add your email usernmae for your domain as



goto SMTP setting click on delivery of email and in the local hostname box write  your mail server name as–and save.

Note: Make sure that there is no other application using smtp port 25 else you will not able to send email.

How to install hmail server?

About hmail:

hmail server is an opensource mail server used for windows server.

Reason for most popularity of this server is:–

  1. Opensource
  2. No licence  fee
  3. Unlimited domain configuration
  4. Unlimited email user account
  5. Easy to use


Download hmail application from below link

Refer below link for installation




Smartermail 12 configuration

This video walks through configuring SmarterMail after you have it installed and set up. The video covers topics such as default settings for domains and mailboxes, how to set up an initial domain in SmarterMail, how to add a user/mailbox for that new domain and more.