How to install Webmin on Linux?



It is a web based interface for unix/linux. you can make user account, Setup DNS, Install apache and much more.

Installation Steps:

1. yum install wget

2. yum install -y httpd

3. systemctl start httpd

4. systemctl enable httpd

5. yum install -y mariadb mariadb-server

6. systemctl start mariadb

7. systemctl enable mariadb

8. mysql secure installation

9. yum install -y php php-mysql

10. sytemctl restart httpd

11. wget

12. rpm -U webmin-1.690-1.noarch.rpm

13. systemctl disable firewalld

14. yum install -y iptables-services

15. systemctl enable iptables

16. nano /etc/sysconfig/iptables

just below of :OUTPUT line7 put

-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp –dport 80 -j ACCEPT

-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp –dport 10000 -j ACCEPT

and save it

17. systemctl restart iptables

18. go to browser an type