How to move website to new host by using cpanel?

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Step1: Login to your cPanel


Step 2: Click on the “File Manager”


Step 3: It will prompt with a pop-up menu ask for directory.


Step 4: Just go to your website files are stored and check the “Web Root” and press “Go.”


Step 5: “Show Hidden Files” box is checked


Step 6: then click on compress (selesct zip option) to cmpress the file.


Step 7: Once Copmpress done then click on download option


step 8: After that go to backup wizard and selest your database to take backup of database


Step 9: Go to new Cpanel Interface


Step 10 : go to Backup Wizard


Step 11 : Just click on restore option


Step 12: Click on MsSQLDatabase


Step 13: Choose the database compress file and upload it

And  for more information


Please see the below mentioned video to move the website to new host with cpanel: