Colocation Hosting In India & US

Colocation is the process of housing your servers and networking equipment in the data center of a web hosting company. Customers co-locate their server machines in the colocation center of a third party. They get rented space in the colocation centre. With our colocation hosting services the customers can benefit from the economies of scale, which is not possible in in-house hosting. With our colocation services we also offer physical security or your servers and equipment.

Colocation Hosting Features Colocation Hosting Features

Colocation Features

Colocation server hosting demands great effort that our experts put in to provide you the best VPS hosting in India. We offer various features under our colocation hosting services that include:

Cabinets For Colocation Servers

There are cabinets designed for collocation with an eye on the future perspectives. Each of the cabinet that is designed for collocation is capable of housing numerous rack units. The cabinets are comprehensively designed with enough power and cooling to handle more server density and thereby delivering greater efficiency and value from the space you use.

Cage And Racks for Servers

If under colocation, customer demands for open floor space, then we offer cages that are built in the most sophisticated fashion. They can accommodate open racks, cabinets, free standing and also non rack mountable equipment.

Colocation Suites

We have specially built colocation suites for the customers who demand for a higher level of security or larger floor space. These are solid wall built structures that restrict the visibility and other stringent controls.

Colocation Datacenters
Purpose Built Data Center

Our colocation managers offers the management and maintenance facility and make sure to provide you the best quality colocation. With our colocation services, you will get to colocate your servers with our data center only and not the third party reseller. With our colocation services, we offer you the best value for your money and you also get vital operational savings by dealing directly with our data center owners.

Colocation Hosting - Power Backups
Power with Precision

With our best quality colocation hosting services, we have an expandable electrical capacity and sub panels to accommodate all the power requirements. We have additional power suppliers that can help even when there is a shortage of power at the data centers.

Dedicated Hosting

Windows and Linux Servers

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  • Choice of Dual core, Xeon Quadcore and 2x Xeon

  • Quadcore Processors

  • 27/7/365 Monitoring

  • 99.9% Uptime SLA

  • Range of extras and add-ons such as cPanel/OS

Colocation Services In India & US

We provide best quality colocation service to our prestigious clientele. We understand the needs of our clients and offer our services as per their requirements. Some of the prominent services that are offered by us under colocation hosting services include:

  • We offer efficient equipment inspection, handling and cabling services to well verify that each of your equipment arrives safely and securely.

  • Professional and expert staff to assist you during the colocation process.

  • Proficient inventory analysis with digital pictures to verify the equipment location.

  • Comprehensive verification process to confirm that each and every equipment at colocation center is well configured and runs with precision thereby.

  • Own choice of dual core, Xeon Quadcore and 2X xeon.

  • Effective usage of the Quad-core processors

  • Perfect uptime SLA available

  • Round the clock monitoring at colocation centers to ensure that colocation is done in a manner that it holds for best hosting services

  • Also, under he colocation hosting, you can get a wide variety of extras and add ons that include, c - panel and operating systems also.