Dedicated Features

At Strad Solutions, our System Administrators manage and stringently monitor performance of the servers round the clock. This can help you in focusing on your business well. Some of the features that we provide through dedicated server hosting include:

Dedicated Server – Database Monitoring

Management and Monitoring

With our exclusive dedicated hosting services, you can efficiently manage and monitor your server for better hosting solutions. SNMP,DDOS Protection, DB Administration ,Backups etc. are just some features.

Dedicated Server – 24/7 Support

Better Support

We offer timely and flexible access to consultants to assist you map out future solutions. Furthermore, we have our expert network security technicians who are available 24/7/365 for your assistance. Our SLA helps us in providing you the high quality of support your online business demands.

Dedicated Server – Software Support


With Free setup of Dedicated Servers you can choose the best operating system for your application.Strad Solutions servers can also be equipped with AntiVirus,SQL Server or PHP and Apache or even get it virtualized.

Dedicated Server – Massive Bandwidth

ON-Demand Massive Bandwidth

Through our dedicated server hosting, you get massive amount of bandwidth under which server hosting can be made even more reliable ,effective and can take any amount of traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

Windows and Linux Servers

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  • Choose from the Dual core, Xeon Quadcore and 2x Xeon Quadcore processors

  • 27/7/365 monitoring

  • Uptime SLA of 99.9 %

  • Availability of add ons and extras such as cPanel / OS

  • Low per ticket cost for Unmanaged Servers.

Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Whether it is single, dual or quad-core processors, with our dedicated server hosting services you can get the best for your servers. Below are enlisted some of the prominent services leveraged by Strad Solutions under dedicated server hosting:

  • Affordable Services: At Strad Solutions, we provide dedicated server solutions starting from Rs 6000/- with best quality server protection.

  • Effective Management: With flexible choice to choose from single, dual, core or quad servers we provide superior quality dedicated server hosting. Our perfect management makes it even more simpler for the customers to get the hosting done.

  • Support: The round the clock customer care service or support helps to keep your dedicated server with latest patches and updates. For UnManaged Dedicated Server,You can hire our support for very competitive price.

  • Effective Operating System: Through our dedicated server hosting services, we provide dedicated server hosting for both Windows and Linux systems.

  • Protection from Hardware Failures: We incorporate RAID configured hard disks and dual redundant power supplies to ensure that servers get supreme protection from any kind of hardware failures.

  • Best Quality Hardware: Strad Solutions make use of enterprise grade server hardware that is advantageous from latest Intel Xenon quad core processors.

  • Secure Location with all time Monitoring: With our dedicated server hosting services, you can get secure location and effective monitoring for your servers.

  • Unrivaled SLA: To provide your servers with maximum network up time and hardware fix guarantees, we provide unrivaled SLA to your servers. Get the best unrivaled SLA from Strad Solutions and enjoy effective dedicated server hosting.