Technical Support

You can get supreme quality technical support from Strad Solutions and get your hosting services even more refined with us. You need to have the ticket id when asking for support on the phone for faster tracking of your issue. Even if any of the technical issue occurs in the server hosting, then we ensure that it is solved at the first place.

Live Chat Service

We offer live chat service, under which chats can be made use of for all levels of support and can run round the clock or in accordance to your choice. At Strad Solutions, you can get necessary software for hosting and customize it in accordance to your individual needs.


You can also get sales support from us in order to ensure that all of your sales remain effective and there are no discrepancies in the sales of services.

Phone Support

Phone support is helpful in adding the human touch to the support services. We believe that at times, the ability to speak up directly with the customers can help in mitigating he issues even more fastly and accurately.Our friendly expert customer care executives can make that difference to your hosting issues by providing supreme quality phone support.


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At Strad Solutions, we offer hosting of services both in India and the U.S. We provide supreme quality of services in both the countries with unmatched quality of services.
We offer server hosting for nearly all kinds of control panels. There are different kind of control panels available in accordance to the prices. So you can choose from the best price control panel and get the one selected for yourself.
Data center is basically a facility that is used to store and manage websites and other internet information and also the hardware infrastructure.
Yes, we do possess a service level agreement for our managed dedicated servers.
The support given by us during the server hosting is for the interest of customers only as we are available 24x7 to assist them fully.
Our standard service configurations mainly takes a single business day to set up. Our expert server hoisters themselves do precision driven hosting. Some of the factors that contribute to the longer set up times include, server add ons, custom configurations and also payment approval times.
Yes of-course, the server’s hardware can be updated with our best in class hardware equipments that are used. The fees will depend on the quantity of hardware that needs to be updated for server hosting.
Yes with Strad Solutions, it is feasible to create mail accounts on the server as well with the help of control panel. The software that will be required for the same will be provided by Strad Solutions itself.
RAID stands for redundant array of independent disks and plays a vital role in the server hosting on an overall basis. It is basically a method under which data can be stored on multiple disks. Thereafter linking of disks is also possible so that operating system on the server views themselves as a single entity only. Furthermore, we provide RAID for both SATA and SCSI had drives.
Yes, we offer mainly 99.9% uptime guarantee excluding the scheduled maintenance on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis. For better overview, you can also view our SLA. Thereby you will get an idea of how we guarantee effective uptime.
We monitor the data centers nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, so you need not worry about the monitoring of data centers and the servers.

Support Features

Apart from these ways in which we offer support, there also are some of the features that we are provided by us to give you the support. These features are enlisted below:

  • Linux Experts and Friendly Staff

    We have well equipped and knowledgeable linux experts who are friendly with the customers to solve any kind of issues regarding hosting. They are available 24 X 7 to assist you in any kind of problems regarding hosting. Moreover they provide timely updates regarding the status of your problem.

  • Video Tutorials

    At Strad solutions, we also provide video tutorials to ensure that each of the user of our hosting services has handy tutorials. These help them in getting easy solutions if they get into any kind of problem thereby. So you can easily opt out for our video tutorials to ensure that you do not get struck in between the process of supreme quality server hosting. This is a modern and new way by Strad Solutions to assist their customers.

  • Help today

    Under help today, we provide immediate help to our clients based on the priority. If you have filed a query and you need immediate answer , you will always find our customer care executives at your disposal to serve you at their best with supreme quality server hosting.