Virtual Private Servers Hosting

VPS hosting is basically the virtual private server hosting that allows each server to be independent from other server on the same physical node.

VPS Hosting Server

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual server, which performs all the functions of a dedicated server but is installed on a computer, which serves numerous such virtual servers. A Strad Solutions VPS has dedicated resources like RAM and HDD for each virtual server. With the use of reliable virtualization technology customers can get a Stable server with SSH access for Linux or Remote Desktop Access for Windows There are multiple such reasons under which we recommend you to get the VPS hosting services done:

Dedicated vs VPS vs Shared Hosting

When to go for VPS Hosting?

  • If your application Database is increasing and access speed needs to be fast.

  • If the traffic inflow is high and shared hosting is slow and crashing frequently.

  • If your Data needs to be secured and shared hosting is not protected.

  • If you feel the need of ultimate control.

  • If you wish to send multiple e-mails at a single time.

  • If you wish to host unlimited domains and with your Independent Server RAM and Hard-Disk.

  • Slow page loading is another thing that prompts towards VPS hosting.

  • If the rich multimedia content is being hosted on your website, then you need VPS hosting.

So, if you feel any of these is what you are also experiencing, then simply get our unified VPS hosting services and have a peace of mind. You can have full root access, powerful VPS, ultra high speed network and also round the clock managed support.

Virtual Private Servers

Windows and Linux Servers

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  • Full Root Access

  • Powerful VPS

  • Ultra - High Speed Network

  • 24x7 Managed Support

VPS Hosting Services with Strad Solutions

Strad solutions offers you customized VPS hosting services to satisfy your specific needs. You can access and control your server in our data center with our virtual hosting packages, as per your requirements. Our experts in VPS hosting will assist you in managing your account without any trouble. We also offer you various security measures for the safety of your server and operating system. The VPS we offer comes equipped with Dual/Hexa/Quad core CPU’s and are well loaded with 8GB memory and hard disks. So you can choose a free server set up and thereby select a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually plan for best quality VPS hosting services in India and US. Our VPS Salient Feautres are:

  • Extreme Performance: With the use of effective open source technology, we leverage VPS hosting service that is more powerful and flexible also. Furthermore with the help of best in class components we unblock truly breakthrough speed for the VPS hosting.

  • Rapid Provisioning: One of the most vital issue that is encountered during VPS hosting is that it takes hours or days to activate. But with our Strad Solutions VPS hosting, you can get it running in seconds for better working.

  • Guaranteed Resources: By the utilization of high performance components, you can get VPS hosting done by getting the website perform at optimal levels.

  • Affordable Prices: We offer you VPS hosting packages at affordable prices starting from Rs 900 (USD 14.99) per month.This makes it the cheapest webhosting in India for the Quality.

Benefits of VPS Hosting with us

With Strad Solutions customers enjoy the following benefits of VPS hosting:

  • With our VPS hosting services, you can have ample space and bandwidth that will enable you to do exactly what you like.

  • According to your convenience, you can upgrade or downgrade easily your subscription at any time.

  • Configuration of any kind is possible on the server with our VPS hosting services.

  • With the help of shell access, you can run the batch files for creation of multiple services.

  • Flexible scalability and backup available with VPS hosting.

  • VPS hosting at reliable and affordable prices.

  • Incorporated with best dedicated resources.

  • Top notch features and facility for best VPS hosting in India.

For further queries regarding buying VPS server hosting from Strad Solutions, feel free to contact us anytime.
As our customer care executives are available to assist you anytime on VPS hosting.