cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based control panels for web hosting accounts. It lets you conveniently manage all services in a single place. Currently, cPanel is the industry standard and most web developers are well acquainted with it.

Through Cpanel we can Create Multiple User Accounts to Manage Domain Suppose we have one partner we want him to give Cpanel access for that we can create one user in user Accounts Section the Envelope indicates if person has email setup if the icon is coloured the person has Email setup if it is Grayed out then not. In user Accounts section Truck indicates user has ftp Account setup if the icon is coloured the ftp Account is setup if it is Grayed out then not the Disk icon indicates that user can use the web disk space in control panel.

Through CPanel we can create FTP Accounts . we can upload files by going into file Manager in that public_html section we can upload sites or files. CPanel is having a feature of checking Disk Usage.

We Can also Create DataBase in CPanel by Going on DataBase Section. We can also create wordpress in cpanel by installing wordpress on it.