Why a Dedicated Server is Preferred

Web hosting in India that has been done through dedicated servers has proved to be very beneficial to the online commerce business amidst many web owners multi resource based websites. A Dedicated web-hosting server enables one to select a hosting service where they can lease the whole web server that won’t be shared with anybody else. Meanwhile these users can independently control their portals and servers and experience a safe private network.

Excellent service providers providing innovative solutions to the data centers of India have come up with the latest dedicated server hosting solutions, which is backed by expert groups. However, it is also quite interesting to think over and understand the exact reason why dedicated servers in India are more preferred than non-dedicated ones. We have listed some of the reasons here below:

  • Total Access- The Dedicated Servers offer you total control that falls within the range of the server. Users can choose by themselves the scripts they would like to use and other similar online actions that they need. In addition, the server allows the users complete administration rights to the servers. Hence, the Users on their own can do all the configurations. 
  • Software and Flexibility- Dedicated web-hosting offers a dedicated platform allowing users to set up their own scripting language or software on these servers. These servers can influence nobody else. However shared hosting has the option for this. 
  • Top Speed- Through dedicated web hosting; users can achieve the sense that eCommerce business may have a dedicated server for the web portal. These servers give a guarantee of high speed as compared to the other kind of servers. 

In addition to the benefits listed above, there are other important benefits of dedicated hosting. These are listed below:

  • Performance improvisation 
  • Absolutely free of charge IP address and much more 
  • Installing of Antivirus software and steady updates 
  • Fault Management and control 
  • Regular and recurrent Maintenance conducted on the server 
  • Linux and Windows help available to the user 
  • Preloaded Software  
  • Help in Configuration change 
  • OS patching 
  • 24X7 round the clock remote hands assistance 
  • 24X7 surveillance for spikes and for unusual action.

Service providers of the dedicated servers generally specialize in innovative information centers, making sure that all the information technology needs of the user is met. The requirements range from firewall, co-location service, back-up solutions, dedicated hosting and much more. In addition, they include SLA’s, which can be compared to the best in the industry together with a team of experts giving the users an edge over the others.