Dedicated or VPS Server Hosting – Which is The Best Hosting Option?


Determining what is preferable between IndiaVPS server and dedicated server India when considering a hosting option is really one that boils down to your level of operations, computing power required and safety features that is preferred. Beyond these, other vital talking points include:


Dedicated server India gives you complete control over physical servers and their entire resources while India virtual private servers only makes you control a virtual machine on a server with probable interconnected virtualized machines. That there are other connected users to the server is not considered a security risk

With VPS hosting, other virtual machines share the same CPU with you although your storage and RAM remains exclusive to you as have been provided by the hosting organization.

With Dedicated Server India hosting, you are able to command more hosting resources and computing speed since you enjoy the services exclusively. This is one excellent feature to consider.

As much as dedicated hosting option sounds preferable, most company and personal websites require far less than what they offer, so it might look rather as an over-optimal option. With IndiaVPS server, you can gradually build up capacity; flexibly optimize resources and direct savings to other competing areas.

Control Options

On the score of control or customization options, there are little or no differences between Dedicated Server India vs. IndiaVPS server. The outlook will be primarily if the operating system is run on virtual hardware or on a physical hardware. When a customer considers both, with OS administrative access guaranteed on both score, the results will be the same.

In some instances, there are only service limitations on VPS accounts to restrict the number of domains that can be hosted and these are non-technical in nature. Comparatively, both hosting options give the customer the power of control with respect to the server environment. So, on both options, a customer has access effectively to the same software features if the capacity exists to explore them.

Most features that can be accessed with hosting plans are:

  • Broad Blogging Tools
  • Overall Content Management Systems
  • Optional e-commerce Packages
  • Control Panel -centered Administration
  • Range of 1-Click Installers
  • Development Tools and Functionalities
  • Automated Backups and other options
  • SSL Certificates

Acquisition Cost

The most significant difference between dedicated server India vs. India VPS server is the cost implication per annum or annually. Dedicated server is rated as exponentially costly and can be as much as 50 times more than VPS hosting.